Copernicus Workshop on Climate Observation Requirements

Un workshop Copernicus sur les besoins en observations climatiques va avoir lieu au ECMWF du 29 juin au 2 juillet 2015 (date limite 11 mai).

L’objectif du workshop est de mener une réflexion sur les données d'observations du C3S Climate Data Store (CDS) dont l’objectif est de fournir un accès libre et illimité aux données d’observations et leurs produits dérivés disponibles pour les applications et les services climatiques. "

A Copernicus Workshop on Climate Observation Requirements will be held at ECMWF from 29 June – 2 July 2015 (deadline Monday 11 May) .

The aim of the workshop is to help shape the observation-based content of the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS). A major goal for the CDS is to provide open and full access to observations and derived data products spanning the entire instrumental record available for climate applications and services.

This includes: 

  • Climate data records from satellites
  • Collections of in-situ climate observations
  • Gridded ECV products derived from observations
  • Input observations for model-based reanalyses
  • Reference datasets for evaluation of models and climate data products

The workshop will address the strengths and weaknesses of existing data collections and products, and identify concrete goals and activities for improving the observational basis for climate services development. Topics to be discussed include:

  • Data rescue activities for in-situ and satellite observations
  • Best practices in homogenisation and data reprocessing
  • Metadata, traceability and transparency of climate data products
  • Best practices for uncertainty characterization of climate data products

Outcomes of the workshop will be used to guide the development of the observational component of the Climate Data Store catalogue, and to help specify scientific and technical service requirements in this area.

A programme featuring invited speakers and ample time for discussion is being developed by the Scientific Organising Committee:

Erik Andersson, ECMWF (Chair)

Otis Brown, WCRP Data Advisory Council (WDAC)

Dick Dee, ECMWF

Mark Dowell, EC/JRC

Jörg Schulz, EUMETSAT

Adrian Simmons, GCOS

David Tan, ECMWF